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Research and Clinical Trials

As a part of our ongoing research efforts, we partner with Community Cancer Care (CCC) to conduct many clinical drug trials. This provides you and your physician the opportunity to access state-of-the-art treatment methods for many types of cancer, including lung, breast, prostate and colorectal, as well as blood disorders such as leukemia. In many cases, the drugs used in the clinical trials are made available at little or no charge to participants.

Community Cancer Care's Oncology Symptom Control Research (OSCR) group is dedicated to helping you and your family cope with your illness and the treatment. OSCR specializes in the treatment of cancer-related symptoms to promote quality of life and improve the patient's ability to participate in daily activities, as well as providing quality-of-life counseling. OSCR conducts research focused on drug therapies that help control cancer-related symptoms.

Members of OSCR have written and published numerous journal articles and book chapters related to this research, and have lectured to medical and oncology professionals across Indiana and much of the United States.

Through the clinical trials program, those with cancer and disorders of the blood may qualify to receive and test new treatments, as well as drug therapies. OSCR has studies that minimize many of the symptoms you may experience. OSCR will meet with you and your physician team to determine which treatments and drug therapies could work for your particular situation.

When you participate in one of the clinical trials OSCR will monitor your progress to determine what is working best for you. Participation in clinical trials allows you to have a more active role in your cancer care. You may benefit others by contributing medical knowledge that OSCR will use to further ongoing cancer research.