Healthy Hearts

The Healthy Hearts Center of Community Anderson is an outpatient facility designed to enhance quality of life and functional status, while decreasing avoidable hospitalizations and emergency department visits for patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases. A multi-disciplinary team approach is used to deliver the services. The team includes referring physicians, nurse practitioners, expert cardiovascular nurses, pharmacy and dietary consultation, and support as needed by behavioral care, chaplain services, social services, case management, and older adult services. Patients are referred to the program by physician order, and close collaboration with referring physicians is maintained.

Heart failure means that your heart doesn't pump as well as it used to. This causes your body to make changes to try to get more blood supply to its important parts. These changes make the body hold on to extra salt and water. This results in swelling, shortness of breath and may cause you to feel very tired.

The treatment for heart failure is not easy. It usually means taking many medicines, cutting salt from the foods you eat and changing your life in other ways like stopping smoking and changing the way you do your daily activities. Heart failure may cause you to be in the hospital more often than you would like.

Managing the symptoms and treatment for heart failure is difficult, and a lot of help is needed from doctors and nurses. This is why Community Anderson has started the Healthy Hearts Clinic. The clinic is run by advanced practice nurses who work directly with your doctor to keep a close watch on your progress and make changes that will help keep you feeling better and out of the hospital.

For more information, contact the Healthy Hearts clinic at 298-5590.

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