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Peds & Teens

Children are the number one priority of Community Hospital Anderson's pediatrics unit, Peds & Teens. We realize parents are entrusting someone special to us when their child is hospitalized, and our staff provides the best possible care and special attention for our young patients.

The Peds & Teens unit is located on the third floor of Community Anderson. It offers private patient rooms, a medical examination room and activity room.

We welcome parents to visit at any time. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the child's care and recovery as much as their schedule permits. In most cases, a parent or other close relative may spend the night with the child. An overstuffed, reclining chair is provided in each room. Other relatives and visitors are asked to observe regular visiting hours, which are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Each child's private room is decorated in cheerful decor, and has its own bathroom. Throughout the Peds & Teens area, contemporary artwork adds to the youthful atmosphere.

Children who are permitted out of bed may play in the play room located across the hall from the nurses' station. Boys and girls will find a number of educational toys, story books and play furniture in the room.

When patients are unable to leave their rooms, Peds & Teens also provides portable televisions, DVD players and VCRs, which can be hooked up in the room so that he or she can play video games or watch movies.

Community Anderson provides free telephone and television services. A full range of appropriate television channels, including popular music and children's programming, is available. In addition, the hospital provides the Patient Channel, which has health-related programming.


Nutrition is very important for a child's recovery, and Peds & Teens patients are served meals especially selected with the young patient in mind. Parents are welcome to place advanced orders for meals so they can dine with their child. Children may obtain other nourishments, including popsicles, fruit juices, graham crackers and other snacks during the day from the nursing staff.

Other Services

The services of the hospital's chaplain are available to all patients and their families. The chapel, located on the first floor near the lobby, is open at all times.

Community Anderson's Social Service Department is also available to assist the family. Our social workers are knowledgeable about community resources available during and after the child's hospital stay. They also provide discharge planning.


Community Anderson's HUGS security system uses video surveillance in the Obstetrics and Peds & Teens areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These monitors can be viewed in the OB and Peds & Teens nurses' stations, as well as the Security office. The HUGS system is the only dedicated pediatric security system in the county, covering all young children, not just newborns.

Pre-Admission Tours

It is important to make an upcoming hospitalization as pleasant as possible for a child. Therefore, we welcome families for a pre-admission tour of the Peds & Teens unit.

To arrange a tour, please call 765-298-5164.