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Under the Weather

When your child is ill you want the best possible care for him or her while you are at work. The solution is only a telephone call away - Community Hospital Anderson's Under the Weather program for sick children.

Under the Weather care is provided at any time, day or night, for children from infancy through adolescence within the hospital's pediatrics unit, Peds & Teens. This program is open to the public.

While you are away, nurses record the child's symptoms, time when medication was administered, activities, naps and other noteworthy events. When you return to take your son or daughter home, you will receive a complete report.


When your child is unable to attend school or their regular day-care setting, you can arrange for Under the Weather care if:

  • The child has a mild illness, such as a cold, diarrhea, vomiting, ear infection, sunburn, or
  • The child's activities are restricted because of a fracture or recuperation following surgery.

For the health and safety of others, Community Hospital Anderson cannot provide Under the Weather accommodations for children with flu, undiagnosed rashes, RSV, chicken pox, measles, mumps, Fifth Disease, pink eye or conjunctivitis.


To make Under the Weather arrangements for a child, call Community Anderson at 765-298-5164.

When you call, the staff will ask about your child's illness or injury to determine eligibility. If he/she is eligible for Under the Weather care, a room will be prepared for your arrival.

While your child is settling into his or her room, you will be asked to complete a brief description of the condition and pertinent information about the daily routine. Please bring from home any needed medication, extra clothing, diapers and special toys.

If you send someone else to pick up your child, please let us know when you register. The person returning for your child will be required to show identification.


Under the Weather service is provided to the public at $3 per hour per child. Because this service is not covered by insurance, you will need to pay for the services when you return for your child.