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Chefs Boy R We! raises $50,000 for Foundation

The first annual Chefs Boy R We! event was a huge success, raising approximately $50,000 for the Community Anderson Foundation. Hosted at the Anderson Country Club last Saturday, Sept. 21, approximately 60 "celebrity" chefs from the community served a variety of tasty dishes.

Based on tips that were raised, Rob Loose was the overall winner. Art Overmyer came in second place and Gary Erskine, 3rd. The winner of the Peoples Choice Award for favorite dish was Rob Loose (Pots de Creme) and Charles Shumate won the award for Best Dressed Chef/Best Decorated Table.

The funds raised will support two Community Hospital Anderson Foundation programs, Support Our Students (SOS) and the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program.

SOS is a brand new initiative that will allow school nurses in all of the public schools in our county to purchase clothing, nutritional items and medications that are needed on a daily basis by many students in our county. Every day our school nurses see the unmet health care needs faced by many students and this program will allow them to meet those needs.

The AED program has been saving lives in Madison County for several years. The program started in 2002 when the Foundation partnered with some other organizations to place AEDs in all of the Madison County Sheriff’s cars. These officers are oftentimes the first to arrive on the scene where someone is in cardiac arrest. The Foundation then partnered with the Madison County Community Foundation to place AEDs in all of the public schools in Madison County. Since that time, AEDs have also been placed in several public buildings such as the library, Paramount Theatre and Mounds Mall. This program is directed by Holly Renz, RN who provides training and ongoing maintenance of the AEDs.

Both of these programs help the Foundation fulfill the mission of meeting the health care needs of the community.