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HPPC (Health Professions Practice Council) Excellence Awards

Help us acknowledge an outstanding employee by submitting a nomination for the 4th Annual Health Professions Practice Council “Excellence” Awards! This year’s awards categories are Customer Service, Professional Excellence, Caring, Community Outreach, and Innovation Excellence. These awards signify the outstanding quality of care that our employees here at Community Hospital Anderson demonstrate on a daily basis! By nominating someone, you provide us with the opportunity to pay tribute to CHAs non-nursing professionals who demonstrate EXCELLENCE in their positions. The departments of the Health Professions Practice Council include: Medical Records, Cardiopulmonary, Case Management, Patient Access, Community Relations, Patient Accounts/Reimbursement, Dietary, Pharmacy, Educational Services, Rehab Services, Clinical Research, Security, Human Resources, Sleep/Neurology Center, Outpatient Clinics, Transporters, and the Lab. If you would like to nominate one of employees, please click here!