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Community Anderson introduces FasTrak

Community Hospital Anderson’s emergency department (ED) provides a full spectrum of services for adults and children. Recently we’ve implemented several new initiatives to enhance the patient experience. We are focused on delivering excellent service to our patients, and we think our improvements will be appreciated by everyone who passes through our doors.

Our emergency department is the only ED in Madison County that is staffed by 100% board-certified emergency physicians. One of the advantages of having physicians who are trained in emergency medicine is that they understand the entire science and scope of emergency care. “Patients can expect consistent, high quality care, as well as expedited, efficient care,” says Dr. Thomas Short, board certified emergency physician at Community Anderson.

FasTrak: Eliminating long wait times Community Anderson has recently implemented FasTrak, a new emergency department process designed to decrease wait times. FasTrak is open every day from 3 to 11 p.m. During these hours, a triage nurse assesses patients, sending those with more serious illnesses or injuries to the ED for evaluation and those with minor illnesses and injuries to the on-site health care provider in FasTrak for quick evaluation, treatment and discharge. Not only is everyone seen in a timely manner, the new process effectively frees our 17-bed emergency department for the patients who need them most.

Another measure that speaks to Community Anderson’s decreased wait times is the left-without-being seen rate. “Our current rate is .7 percent compared to the gold standard of 2%,” says Joni Brinkman, M.S.N., R.N. director, emergency department, Community Anderson.

Community Hospital Anderson’s goal is to provide patients with an excellent experience and better outcomes, and we are continually adding new services and improving our offerings to meet that goal.