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Community Hospital Anderson surgical department expanding

Community Hospital Anderson is currently working on the final stages of a new surgical expansion, built alongside the existing surgery department. The 6,000 square foot addition houses two new 730 square foot surgical suites, storage space and an open lobby area.

The space accommodates much of the larger new surgical equipment, including the da Vinci® robotic surgical system and the O-arm® technology used in neurosurgical procedures. The $3.5 million expansion provides ample space to store and use the equipment. The new lobby area allows a more comfortable and functional environment for patients’ families and friends.

“Our focus is on bringing new technology and services to our community,” said Beth Tharp, Community Anderson president/CEO. “This expansion has allowed us to more easily provide some of our more advanced services, such as da Vinci and neurosurgery.”

da Vinci
Community Anderson is the only hospital in Madison County to offer a da Vinci surgical option for patients. Community physicians perform general, gynecological, urological and thoracic surgeries using the da Vinci robot. The da Vinci’s minimally invasive technique allows surgeons to perform complex procedures through just a few tiny openings. Benefits for patients include a shorter recovery time, lower risk of infection, less pain and fewer medications.

In early 2013, Community expanded its neurosurgical program by investing in the O-arm® which is a surgical imaging system with StealthStation® navigation. This technology is an intra-operative CT machine which makes the placement of spine instrumentation safe and fast. The O-arm delivers simple access to real-time three-dimensional images. It allows the surgeon to obtain a higher level of precision in neurosurgical procedures. James Callahan, M.D., board certified neurosurgeon, joined the medical staff at Community and is performing brain and spine surgeries.