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Chefs Boy R We! Was a great success

While still awaiting the amount raised, Chefs Boy R We! was considered a great success. Held last Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Anderson Country Club, Chefs Boy R We! featured 53 local men serving tasty dishes from chicken nacho dip and candied bacon to cheese cake and pumpkin bread. All proceeds from the event benefited cancer services at Community Hospital Anderson, first responders in the community and the Support Our Schools funds, supporting the medical needs of children in all Madison County schools.

Bill Watson from The Pittt won the coveted People's Choice Award for his turkey ribs.

Earning the most tips were Gary Erskine (1st place), Derek Madinger (2nd place) and J.T. Morgan (3rd place). Charles Schumate was awarded the "Best Dressed" honor and J.T. Morgan won the "Best Decorated Table." Jason Keller won the "Jump Starter" award, for the most tips raised prior to the event. J.T. Morgan won the "Go Getter" award, for the most people who tipped you prior to the event.