Diabetes Care Center

The Diabetes Care Center of Community Hospital Anderson provides educational programs and services to any person interested in learning more about diabetes self-care and management. Services are provided in group or individual settings, as well as consultation for inpatients. A physician's referral is necessary for all programs. Family members are encouraged to attend and participate.

The staff is a multi-disciplinary team specialized and certified in diabetes. The team of nurses, dietitians and pharmacists is able to address the many management issues experienced with diabetes. Dr. Afia Naqvi, a board certified internist specializing in diabetes, is also available for consultation.

The Diabetes Care Center's education and management program is nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association. This recognition certifies that the program has met national standards for quality diabetes education. It is the only ADA recognized program in Madison County.

Diabetes education and management program

This is a group class offered afternoons and evenings at Community Anderson, and includes:

  • Individualized meal plan and nutritional counseling.
  • Home blood glucose meter with instruction.
  • Instruction by certified diabetes educator on general diabetes management and self-care skills.
  • Instruction by a pharmacist on diabetes medications.

Gestational glycemic control program

The nurse and dietitian provide instruction for the expectant mother in an individual session. A blood glucose meter is provided if needed.

Individual instruction

Individual instruction from a certified diabetes educator and registered dietitian accommodates specific learning needs. Individual instruction includes, but isn't limited to: insulin initiation and adjustment, glucose meter instruction, meal planning and nutritional counseling, and insulin pump therapy.

Many insurance plans will cover diabetes education. Medicare will reimburse for diabetes education and blood glucose testing supplies. The Diabetes Care Center staff encourages all patients to discuss coverage benefits with their insurance provider prior to attending class.

The Diabetes Care Center is located in the lower level of the 1601 Building on Community Anderson's campus. For more information, contact the Diabetes Care Center at 765-298-5365