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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Community Hospital Anderson's outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation program helps people who have had heart attacks, heart valve repair and replacement, balloon angioplasty, stent placement, bypass surgery and those who are at risk of developing heart problems. With proper rehabilitation, most heart patients will have improved health and enjoy a longer and higher-quality life.

Your program

Our program encompasses many aspects of your well-being, involving the heart and circulatory system, nutrition and emotions. Through an individualized exercise and education plan, our goals for you are to:

  • Improve your heart's working capacity
  • Decrease your resting heart rate and resting blood pressure
  • Control and monitor irregular heart rhythm
  • Improve circulation in the heart muscle and circulation to the arms and legs
  • Decrease cholesterol, triglyceride and sugar levels in your blood
  • Maintain your ideal weight
  • Develop and maintain a positive outlook and promote overall well-being


Although you will participate in a group with other rehabilitation patients, your exercise plan will be designed just for you, based on your medical history and heart needs. You will participate in both cardiovascular conditioning and strength training while under telemetry monitoring. With so many people working together, participants can offer support for each other as you all work toward a healthier future. Sessions are scheduled three times per week for approximately one hour per session. Exercise equipment includes treadmills, stationary bicycles, rowing machines, recumbent stepping machines, resistance bands and free weights.


You will receive a personal consultation with a cardiac nurse to review your risk factors and discuss the behavioral and dietary modifications you may need to make. We will provide you with a healthy lifestyle packet of information. Additionally, we maintain a lending library of educational materials from which you are welcome to borrow items.


Your participation in Community Anderson's Cardiac Rehabilitation program is available only through your doctor’s referral. Upon your physician’s recommendation, you will be evaluated through the most modern diagnostic techniques. Based on those results, your physician and our Cardiac Rehabilitation team design your personalized program of structured exercise, complemented by educational sessions. Throughout rehabilitation your physician is consulted about your specific programs and receives regular updates on your progress.

Many health insurance plans provide some coverage for this type of rehabilitation. We encourage you to consult your insurance representative about your policy coverage.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is located on the first floor of the 1210B building on Community Anderson’s campus. For more information, please call 765-298-5185.