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Relaxing images, favorite movies, and serene symphonic sounds. Sound like a good date night? Actually, you're enjoying CinemaVision, and in Madison County, it's only available at Community Hospital Anderson's MRI suite.

A virtual communications command center, the CinemaVision controller manages entertainment choices for the patient, and enables two-way communication with the technologist and dramatically reduces MRI gradient noise.

The CinemaVision experience is similar to watching a high-resolution 62-inch screen from 5 1/2 feet away. This relaxation method is known to reduce the need for appointment cancellations and sedation for claustrophobic or anxious patients.

So bring your favorite CD or DVD, watch your favorite talk show or soap, or listen to your favorite radio station. Whatever you choose, you're sure to forget you're having a test done and will enjoy a stunning sight and sound experience.