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Because it can be used in the most delicate conditions without major side effects, ultrasound has become one of the most popular diagnostic methods among both patients and physicians. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce moving images of the body's internal soft tissue structures. It provides a safe, fast and relatively painless means of diagnostic imaging on an outpatient basis.

The latest, state-of-the-art ultrasound system, Philips iU22 Intelligent Ultrasound System, is at Community Hospital Anderson. This equipment allows us to obtain more diagnostic information on patients, requiring fewer repeat exams and delivering more consistent results. Your exams will flow smoothly and you'll leave knowing that your doctor has all the necessary information.

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Patient benefits:

  • Visualize abnormalities sooner. Translates into earlier detection and treatment.
  • Unprecedented image quality and sensitivity. Next generation Philips SonoCT Real-time Compound Imaging and XRES Image Processing provide vivid visualization of borders, interfaces and irregular structures while reducing artifacts, aiding in accurate diagnoses.
  • 3-D and 4-D imaging. See and understand amazingly clear images available for the first time on a premium ultrasound system.
  • Cost savings. State-of-the-art equipment enhances the physician's diagnostic capability, thus reducing or eliminating the need for more expensive or invasive tests and procedures.
  • No radiation. Catheters and needles are guided in 3-D space without radiation exposure.
  • Real-time views. See fetal heart function and anatomy without delay.

The Philips iU22 features 4-D (or, real-time 3-D) imaging technology that allows patients to view the fetus and internal organs as if they were being held in the hands. High-frequency transducers, up to 17 MHz, provide exceptional visualization of superficial structures and breast biopsies, and assisting diagnosis of musculoskeletal disease.

The system's powerful imaging capabilities support a variety of common exams, including vascular, thyroid, and testicular exams. It also offers advanced imaging capabilities specifically beneficial in the evaluation of breast masses.

"Ultrasound imaging is hugely beneficial because it is a relatively low cost and non-invasive way to look inside the body," says Bob Reed, director of Radiology at Community Hospital Anderson. "With the new Philips system, we are acquiring an extremely high level of diagnostic information and can provide answers for our patients more quickly and easily. Plus, results from the ultrasound exam often reduce the need for more invasive procedures."

In addition, the system's revolutionary workflow features greatly benefit the sonographer, or ultrasound technician, and their patients. The Philips iU22 is referred to as an "intelligent" system because it is designed to adapt to the sonographer's exam needs, making their job faster, easier and less physically taxing.

The iU22 features an adjustable, articulating flat screen LCD monitor that can be positioned so that it can be viewed from almost any direction. This allows patients the ability to see images during scanning, as well. The system can be operated by intelligent voice-command when the sonographer is in tight quarters or needs both hands for scanning. A highly moveable control panel increases the sonographer's flexibility to work around the patient, and the system's sleek profile makes it easy to move to wherever it is needed.