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Monticello House Alzheimer's Living

Monticello House, the only free-standing early stages Alzheimer's living facility in Madison County is located on Community Anderson's campus. The home offers a beautiful, gated courtyard where residents and family members can enjoy the outdoors together. Private and semi-private suites open into a common area, which allows for socialization and a feeling of community. Short hallways and a small number of residents create the quaintness of a true home.

Semi-private suites with private baths and patios are available. With only 27 beds, this residential licensed Alzheimer's facility promotes independence and offers security for those who need extra assistance with daily life tasks.

Monticello House also offers adult day care programming and respite care for individuals with memory care needs.

"In the seventeen months that (my aunt) was in your care (at Monticello House), your dedication and compassion never faltered even when faced with her obstinate and at times difficult personality. The patience displayed by you and your staff proved to me time and time again that each of you has a calling to care for your fellowman rather than simply arrive at a job each day. That kind of compassionate spirit and gentleness is often lacking in our world today and it was with a sense of relief and trust that I knew I could leave her safe in your hands." (Rachel S.)