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Childbirth Classes

Community Hospital Anderson offers a variety of childbirth classes to educate moms, dads and even big brothers and sisters. All classes are free to those delivering at Community Hospital Anderson. Moms delivering elsewhere are welcome to join in, but fees may apply. Pre-registration is required for all classes by calling 765-298-5204 (press 1 at the prompt).

Childbirth Preparation

Offered as either a five-session evening course or an all-day Saturday course and features instruction on childbirth methods that will prepare expectant parents for labor and birth. The role of the partner is discussed and a tour of New Generations Birth Place is included.
*$50 for moms delivering outside of Community Anderson.

Childbirth Refresher

This three-hour course is offered in one evening as a review of the birthing process for those who have previously experienced childbirth.
*$25 for moms delivering outside of Community Anderson.

Basics of Breastfeeding

This two-hour class covers the benefits of breastfeeding and presents information helpful in establishing successful breastfeeding. Partners are welcome.

Care of the Newborn

In this two-hour class, expectant parents will learn about characteristics of the normal newborn, how to prepare and care for the baby and the baby’s health and safety. When possible, a local pediatrician attends to discuss issues concerning the newborn.

Boot Camp for Dads

This two-hour class taught by veteran dads (and their babies), along with a trained coach, allows expectant dads to learn about such things as baby care and fatherhood, as well as the needs of new mothers.

Big Kids & Babies

This course helps children ages three to 10 learn about the care of a newborn, see where Mommy will be when the new baby is born and learn about feelings they may experience when the baby arrives. This class is only available to families delivering at Community Anderson.


A doula is a woman trained to support expectant women and their partners through the labor and birth process. Research has shown multiple benefits from her assistance. A doula provides physical comfort, emotional support and assistance in obtaining information. This service is provided at no cost to women delivering at Community Hospital Anderson. Arrangements for securing doula services must be made prior to labor, preferably by the beginning of the third trimester. For more information, contact the Women & Children’s Education Coordinator at 298-5425.

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)

Women anticipating vaginal birth after having had C-section may contact the Women & Children’s Education Coordinator to set up an appointment for additional information about this birth procedure.

Breastfeeding support group

This weekly support group brings breastfeeding moms together with a lactation consultant and fellow breastfeeding moms. A scale is provided for weight checks and moms are encouraged to openly share experiences, triumphs and troubles. Babies and other children are always welcome!
Mondays: 4:30 to 6 p.m.
Fridays: 10:30 a.m. to noon