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If you live in the Muncie area, your drive to Community Hospital Anderson just got shorter.

Community Hospital Anderson is known to be a leader in quality health care services for Madison County. We're bringing that same reputation to one convenient location in Muncie.

Community Hospital Anderson Medical Pavilion
3025 North Oakwood Avenue
Muncie, IN 47304
Phone: 765-216-6232

Cardiology: Preetham Jetty, M.D., is known as one of the most trusted and knowledgeable cardiologists around. His affiliations with Community Hospital Anderson and the Indiana Heart Hospital give his patients access to the latest in cardiovascular treatment and options.
Phone: 765-298-4422

Pregnancy Care: It's a fact that more moms choose Community Hospital Anderson—we welcome over 70% of the babies born in Madison County. Sometimes, quantity doesn't matter; but in this case it does. We deliver babies every day, giving our staff more experience to handle the expected and the unexpected. In Muncie, our physicians and staff give moms-to-be the best care and compassion. Your physicians and staff will ask how you envision your birthing day. Whether that may be a water birth, or something more traditional, we'll deliver upon your request. New Generations Birth Place at Community Hospital Anderson is just a short drive from the Muncie area. With our private birthing suites and exceptional staff, you'll find the drive was well worth it.
Phone: 765-216-6234

Diabetes Education and Management: Our program and instructors have received certification from the American Diabetes Association. We arm our patients with the knowledge and tools to make living with diabetes a little bit easier. Group instruction is offered, along with personal consultations.
Phone: 765-216-6223

Clinical Research: Scientists are constantly looking for new and better treatments for a range of diseases and conditions. By volunteering for a clinical research trial, you can help these new drugs reach market. Many times, participants in a research trial receive compensation for time and travel, and all tests and drugs are covered. You may find relief for yourself, and also help others while giving your time. Click here to learn more about current studies
Phone: 765-216-6218

Laboratory Services: It's always good to have a choice in outpatient lab services. The next time your doctor orders labs, choose us. We're conveniently located in Muncie, with adjacent parking and a friendly staff.