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Community Hospital Anderson's neurosurgical program provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and intra-operative navigational equipment to treat many neurosurgical conditions, including complex brain and spinal disorders, peripheral nerve problems, cancers and movement disorders.

Community has invested in the O-arm® which is a surgical imaging system with StealthStation® navigation. This technology is an intra-operative CT machine which makes the placement of spine instrumentation safe and fast. The O-arm delivers simple and fast access to real-time three-dimensional images. It allows our surgeons to obtain a higher level of precision in neurosurgical procedures.

Two of Community's neurosurgeons, James Callahan, M.D. and Daniel Kim, M.D., provide the highest level of brain and spine care to patients.

James Callahan, M.D., board certified neurosurgeon, is now seeing patients in his office at Community Hospital Anderson. Prior to joining Community, he was Chief of Neurosurgery at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. With 17 years of experience, Dr. Callahan has special interest in cranial cases, complex spine, minimally invasive spine procedures and spine trauma. For an appointment with Dr. Callahan, please call 765-298-4470.

Daniel Kim, M.D. joined Community’s neurosurgical program in 2013. Prior to medical school, Dr. Kim was an attorney and practiced law in Indianapolis. He is now seeing patients at Community Hospital Anderson and has special interests in spine disease, brain tumors, trigeminal/glossopharyngeal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm, peripheral nerve programs, carotid endarterectomy and vascular disease. For an appointment with Dr. Kim, please call 765-298-4470.

Also a board certified neurosurgeon with Central Indiana Orthopedics, Francesca Tekula, M.D., has been performing surgeries at Community Hospital Anderson since 2003. She performs many neurosurgical procedures, specializing in neck and spine. For an appointment with Dr. Tekula, please call 765-683-4400.

Community's comprehensive treatment plans provide a collaborative approach to meet the needs of patients. Community Anderson is leading the way with advanced care , with da Vinci® surgery, clinical research, cardiac interventions, and now – neurosurgery.