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Industrial Rehabilitation Services

Community Physical Therapy and Rehab of Community Hospital offers comprehensive service for our corporate and industrial clients including rehabilitation of work injuries, job site analysis, and injury prevention services. We focus on delivering cost-effective, efficient care to the injured worker along with meeting the special needs of the employer and case managers. Our approach prepares workers to return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Specializing in Work Injury Management:

  • Dedicated clinicians to treat work related injuries
    • To meet the needs of the patient and payers, our specially trained workers compensation team treats all workers compensation patients
  • Weekly case management meetings
    • Our staff conducts weekly workers compensation meetings to discuss each individual client's case to insure close communication and cost effective outcomes
  • New referral seen within 48 hours
    • Every client is offered their initial evaluation within two working days of referral time
  • Aggressive, exercise based and job specific rehab programs
  • Close communication concerning patients progress to physicians, case managers, and safety directors
    • Detailed progress reports and attendance logs will be sent to physicians and case managers every two weeks, or upon request
  • Education on injury prevention to reduce recurrent injuries

Services Offered

  • Acute Occupational and Physical Therapy
  • Work Conditioning Program
    • Designed for individuals unable to perform modified duty following serious injury or surgery
    • A vital component for transitioning roles from patient to worker
    • Individualized program designed to reduce functional limitations with goal of full return to work
    • Programs are designed to meet specific need of both patient and employer. Sessions are typically 2-4 hours but can be tailored to allow for progressive modified duty
    • Provides documentation of non-compliance
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
    • ProCare therapist are trained in the Matheson functional capacity evaluations
    • Computer generated FCE report
    • Report completed and faxed within 48 hours
  • Job Site Analysis/Ergonomic Services/Job Coaching
    • A job site analysis can provide valuable information such as identifying potential safety hazards, recommending job modifications and defining educational needs