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Speech Therapy

Speech pathology is a fascinating field. The title doesn't fully describe the role however, and many people have no idea the variety of areas treated by a speech pathologist.

A speech pathologist holds a Master's Degree with a focus in speech pathology. After completing the degree, a speech pathologist must pass a national exam and then practice under a licensed and certified speech pathologist for nine months. Once this residency is complete, the speech pathologist can receive certification through the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Community Physical Therapy and Rehab's Speech Therapy Department focuses on the care of the adult or geriatric population. These professionals provide evaluations and treatment to patients through our Outpatient Department as well as within the hospital for inpatients. The types of problems treated by the Speech Pathologist include disorders of speech, language, cognition, voice and swallowing. The types of patients we treat may include victims of stroke, brain injury, chronic lung problems, cancer and various neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), etc. Voice problems can also develop due to improper care and use of the voice box. Speech and voice problems related to Parkinson’s disease are also common. We have therapists certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Training Program specifically for this disorder.

The area of speech pathology is an exciting field full of opportunity for the speech pathologist and the people they treat. ProCare employs speech pathologists that are qualified to evaluate and treat a variety of disorders. Speech therapy evaluations at Community Hospital Anderson require an order from your physician. If you have further questions related to our speech therapy services, feel free to contact us at 765-298-3500.

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