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What is a sleep study?

A sleep study, also called polysomnogram, measures the quality of a person's sleep. The sleep study allows our sleep specialist to diagnose and treat many different types of sleep disorders.

The is painless and non-invasive and occurs in our state-of-the-art sleep center. We use tape or gauze and sticky paste to place electrodes on you. We do not use any needles or drugs. Our equipment and monitors are located in a control room so as not to disrupt your sleep.

The data we collect while you sleep includes:

  • Brain activity
  • Muscle tone
  • Heart rate
  • Airflow and Breathing patterns
  • Oxygen levels and End tidal C02 (If indicated)
  • Body position and movement
  • Snoring vibrations
  • Visual recording

What to expect:

Community Hospital Anderson offers Board certified physicians in Sleep Medicine and specialized staff trained in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The Neurodiagnostics/Sleep Disorders Center offers both expertise and understanding to the patient experiencing sleep-related issues. Sleep testing requires a physicians referral. If you do not have a physician to refer you, you can Find a Doctor online.

Most insurance companies cover sleep-disorder testing under the Outpatient Diagnostic Testing portion of their policy. Please call your insurance company regarding your personal coverage. Feel free to inquire about coverage when scheduling your appointment or speak with someone in our precertification department at 765-298-2774.

Please contact your insurance company prior to your test for any pre-determination that may be necessary for payment.

You will be contacted 24-48 hours prior to your study to confirm your appointment. At that time please let us know if there have been any changes in your health, medications, etc. If you have any special needs we need to be aware of please call 765-298-5455.. You should reschedule if you have a cold, flu or active infection. If you are unable to keep this appointment, PLEASE call 765-298-2778 to reschedule your appointment. Thank you.

Pre-testing Information

Prior to your testing you should receive a packet in the mail. This packet should contain an instruction letter for your sleep test, a 3 page questionnaire, and a Sleep Log. Please start tracking your sleep via your sleep log as soon as you receive your packet. This information will aid in your diagnosis and treatment.

On the day of your test:

  • Fill out all patient information forms and bring them with you. If you did not receive a questionnaire, you may print a copy from our Patient forms list or complete one after arriving to the center.
  • Remain awake the day of the study.
  • If you take prescription medications, please bring them with you in the original container(s) so they may be taken on schedule. We are an outpatient service and do not provide/dispense prescribed or over the counter medications.
  • Please bathe and shampoo your hair before coming to the sleep center. Please do NOT put any conditioners, hair spray or oils on your hair so the electrodes may be applied to your scalp.
  • Please have your evening meal before arriving for the sleep study.
  • Please do NOT drink alcoholic beverages or beverages with caffeine ( coffee, tea, soft drinks, or chocolate, etc.) after lunch on the day of your study.
  • Please bring reading glasses as you may have to fill out forms.
  • Bring sleepwear with you. Comfortable shorts and a T-shirt are acceptable. Please do NOT bring silk or slippery sleepwear.
  • If you are a current CPAP/BiPAP/ASV/AVAPS user please bring your mask with you.

When you arrive for your sleep test:

  • You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and register at the Admitting Office. The Admitting office is located across from the Gift Shop on the left side of the hallway after entering the main entrance of the hospital.
  • After all patients scheduled have been checked in a technologist will escort you to the sleep center and show you to your room.
  • Your private Bedroom Suite is very pleasant and plush. It has a restroom with a shower, a television, DVD, phone and a data port connection. A small table with chairs is in your unit, as well as a relaxing recliner. Each suite is equipped with its own adjustable heating and cooling unit and ceiling fan. A full size Select Comfort Sleep Number bed is available to ensure you have a comfortable stay. You may wish to bring a favorite pillow.
  • During your testing, multiple measurements will be monitored. It will take the technician 30-45 minutes to prepare you for testing. This process will take a little time, so you will not be able to go to bed as soon as you arrive.
  • TV and radios are not allowed once the test has begun.
  • We will need to record your sleep for at least six hours.
  • The technician will be present all night to monitor breathing, heart rate, brain activity and body movements during your test.
  • After your sleep study is completed you will be ready to leave the hospital by 6 to 6:30 a.m. If you are scheduled for additional testing you may be asked to stay longer.
  • Shower facilities are available.
  • If you are staying for a MSLT/MWT test, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Testing Results:

  • Your test results will be analyzed by a Board Certified Sleep Specialist. The results will be sent to the physician who referred you to the center approximately one week after you test.
  • If your referring physician and testing results indicate you may be scheduled for a consultation with the Sleep Specialist.


When you receive your billing for these tests, you will receive two statements. The first is the hospital bill includes charges for the tech, equipment and supplies. The second will be the physician bill includes charges for the supervision and interpretation of test results.